The curriculum of the International Flower Design Association offers various and high-quality flower design lessons.

We welcome everyone who wants to improve their creative and technical skills. We bring you all of our skills and knowledge.

The lessons of each expert course of the International Flower Design Association are taught so that each work can be completed with a variety of concepts.

In-depth lessons are conducted one by one, and all classes are conducted with a small number of people for efficient classes, from entrepreneurship education to personalized guidance tailored to your taste during one-day lessons.

All the professional course curriculums of the International Flower Design Association have been prepared as a variety of effective programs to effectively learn various flower techniques.

We welcome all florists who currently deal with flowers and those who are thinking of starting a business using special flowers in the future.



- Certification

The dried flower professional instructor certificate issued by this association can be obtained by taking the qualification class appropriate for the course and then taking the prescribed qualification test set by the association. It is recommended for those who want to operate a workshop and a dried flower related shop, or who aim to become a professional dried flower florist.

- Curriculum

The dry flower instructor certification curriculum consists of a total of 16 classes with theory and practice classes.



 class. #1

Dried flower Theory

 class. #2

Dried flower Petite Bouquet

 class. #3

Dried flower Garland

 class. #4

Dried flower Centerpiece

 class. #5

Dried flower Wreath ( Natural wood wreath frame )

 class. #6

Dried flower Candle Wreath ( Floral foam)

 class. #7

Dried flower Basket

 class. #8

Dried flower Hat Box

 class. #9

Dried flower Wreath

 class. #10

Dried flower Hand Tide & Packing
class. #11
Dried flower Photo Frame

 class. #12

Dried flower Bridal Bouquet & Butoniers

 class. #13

Dried flower Design Wreath

 class. #14

Dried flower Soil Ornament

 class. #15

Dried flower Glass Dome Centerpiece

 class. #16

Dried flower Box


For more detailed class inquiries and applications, please contact us and we will be happy to advise you.


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